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Asset Management | REO

Asset Management | REO Services

Asset Management

The GARDNER REALTORS Asset Management/Loss Mitigation Department provides its clients with the full range of services needed when dealing with REO properties, from the initial occupancy verification or CFK through the necessary follow-up during the under-contract period. For a more detailed list of our services, contact the Asset Management/Loss Mitigation Department.


Loss Mitigation

Recognizing the benefits of offering an option to foreclosure, the Asset Management/Loss Mitigation Department implemented a training program to address the special circumstances of mortgagees and mortgagors in a pre-foreclosure sale. This service has been expanded to include “work-out” programs when possible. To further discuss your requirements, please contact the Asset Management/Loss Mitigation Department.


Legal Services

Title Search and foreclosure and eviction services are available from our legal department, Best Title Resource. Whatever your needs are, experienced attorneys and staff will provide sound legal advice and proven legal services.



From a pool of over 800 REALTORS, our REO team members were selected based on experience, technology expertise, their sales managers recommendation, a willingness to attend training sessions, and a general knowledge of the REO marketing process. We believe this criteria is what has made our program reliable and effective.


Service Area List

We have an extensive footprint in the Southeast Louisiana and Southern Mississippi Region. Contact us for a service area list.