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Mission & Principles

Mission & Principles

Our Continuing Mission Since 1943, Making Home & Investment Dreams Come True!

At GARDNER REALTORS, our beliefs define our business… Gertrude Gardner founded this company on the principle of “The Golden Rule,” which still guides our operations today.  

Our Guiding Principles 

All of our stakeholders are critically important to us. We are committed, therefore, to these guiding principles, because it is our responsibility to provide: 

  • Our Clients with a service experience that will delight them throughout every stage of their homeownership, because they are our first allegiance, and we place their interest above all else. 
  • Our REALTORS with a commitment to our ongoing and mutually beneficial relationship in an environment that will nurture their professionalism, increase their growth opportunities and ensure their future quality of life by being “The Place to Be for the Professional Realtor.” 
  • Our Support Staff at all levels with satisfying and financially rewarding work in a stimulating and enjoyable environment with continuing opportunities for personal development and advancement. 
  • Our Strategic Partners with the opportunity for a long­term relationship built on fairness and a shared commitment to meeting the highest standards of excellence. 
  • Our Community with a dedication to its well­being and improvements by being an excellent corporate citizen through financial contribution and deep personal involvement and concern.